How Does Minthive pass work?

Discover the magic behind Minthive's experience in exploring refurbished electronics

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    Partnerships / Data Collection

    At Minthive, our journey begins through meaningful partnerships with refurbishment companies and retailers. This collaborative approach involves company evaluations, comprehensive process analyses, and an important phase of data collection.

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    Data Analysis and Structuring

    Our main service is data structuring and analysis. We carefully break down complicated information about devices and provide valuable insights that are easy to understand.

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    Reports and labels generation

    Generating comprehensive reports and insightful labels is at the heart of Minthive's mission. We use collected data to create user-friendly labels, enabling customers to easily understand and assess the history and quality of their chosen refurbished electronics.

    Part of the label Minthive provides custom scoring for all devices:

    • Overall score - device overall score based on all sub-scores.
    • Battery score - device current possible max charge.
    • Apperance score - device grade based on visual inspection.
    • Repair score - device repair severity.
    • Functionality score - device functions operation quality such as buttons, speakers, face-ID and more.

Minthive Repair Scoring System

Minthive streamlines the device evaluation process by offering a standardized scoring system for refurbished devices

  • Group 84
    Required high amount of repairs (changes or repairs of most important parts, like motherboard, etc.).
  • Group 85
    Required significant amount of repairs (changes or repairs of most used parts, like battery, screen, speakers, cameras, etc.).
  • Group 86
    Required little or no repairs (changes or repairs of small parts like connectors, accessories, etc.).
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